Day 1 Highlights from the Africa Scout Youth Forum

We’ve officially opened the 9th Africa Scout Youth Forum happening a year later after it was postponed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Meeting new friends is an essential part of Scouting and the young people had the chance to reconnect with each other and work in your International Teams at the first in-person regional Scout event since the outbreak of the pandemic. Throughout the event they will engage with each other, acquire new experiences, and take back learnings to put into action after the event. The Scouting spirit was also strong throughout the day with lot’s energizers to keep participants alert and active.

On day 1 of the 9th Africa Scout Youth Forum more than 36 young people from 25 National Scout Organizations across the Africa Scout Region gathered at the Don Bosco Youth Educational Services Centre in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya to embark on an exciting Youth Forum journey and engage in decision–making, networking, and learning opportunities.

The day started with a welcoming session that was kicked off by a moment of meditation after-which the Youth Advisors to the Africa Scout Committee welcomed participants and took them through the working methods of the Forum.

Voting and decision–making
The participants learned how the eVoting System will work and engaged in the voting process to appoint a Resolutions Committee and Tellers, as well as approve the Rules of Procedure to guide the process of making decisions during the Youth Forum.

International Teams
All the participants were grouped into four international teams in which they will belong and take part in activities jointly throughout the forum. At the end of each day, they will take time to review the day in their international team and provide feedback to the planning team.

Presentation of Youth Advisor Candidates
The participants also had an opportunity to meet the 14 Youth Advisor candidates from across the region who are running for election. They were also taken through the role and scope of the Youth Advisors and the process for their election. Voting will open on 23rd August to elect six of the candidates to become the next Youth Advisors to the Africa Scout Committee for the 2022-2025 period.

Writing and Amending Resolutions
A key part of the Youth Forum is the participation in decision making. For this to happen effectively, the participants underwent an orientation to how to write and amend resolutions ahead of the deadline for submission of proposed recommendations. These will be presented, discussed, and adopted on 23rd August and will form part of the Youth Forum Declaration to the 18th Africa Scout Conference.

Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony was officiated by the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya National Youth Council, Roy Sasaka Telewa who challenged the participants to take up leadership roles saying that:

Youth have an important role to play in the decision-making process across the continent.Having an active, engaged & educated youthful population in the political processes ensure that majority of the youth are involved in shaping our countries.”

Roy Sasaka Telewa, CEO of the Kenya National Youth Council

Talent Show
The day closed with some fun at the talent show where participants took to the floor to showcase their talents in singing, dancing among others.

Important deadlines
Remember the deadline to submit inputs to the Youth Forum Declaration is 23rd August at 10:30 GMT+3. We look forward to your proposals.

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