Youth Advisors to the Africa Scout Committee elected for the 2022-2025 Triennium

Delegates of the 9th Africa Scout Youth Forum have elected today six Youth Advisors to the Africa Scout Committee to serve during the 2022-2025 Triennium. 

The voting took place on the 23 August after 14 individuals presented their candidacy for election to the Youth Forum participants representing 25 National Scout Organizations with four proxies. The diversity of our Scout Movement was reflected in the candidates who were the among the largest number to ever run for election as Youth Advisors. 

The Africa Scout Committee is the “board” of the Africa Scout Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). It is one of three constitutive bodies of WOSM, alongside the Africa Scout Conference and the World Scout Bureau Africa Support Centre. The Africa Scout Committee is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Africa Scout Conference and for acting on its behalf between its meetings. Youth Advisors play a key role in the decision-making of the Committee. 

From the 14 candidates put forward by Member Organizations, the following six individuals (listed in alphabetical order) were elected as Youth Advisors to the Africa Scout Committee:

Ishimwe Fred ARNAUD, Burundi
Oumarou Hamidou Soumana Diallo FAROUK, Niger
Abdi Shadyat IDD, Tanzania
Marikopo ISAIAH, Zimbabwe
Ampumuza PETER, Uganda

The newly elected Youth Advisors then retreated to elect their officials. Oumarou Hamidou Soumana Diallo FAROUK was elected Chairperson, while Marikopo ISAIAH and Abdi Shadyat IDD were elected as Vice Chairperson and Secretary respectively.

In accordance with the Africa Scout Youth Forum Guidelines, the Youth Advisors’ mandate will start on the closure of the 18th Africa Scout Conference and will finish at the closure of the 19th World Scout Conference in 2025 together with the retiring Africa Scout Committee Members which they serve alongside. 

Learn more about the nominated and elected Youth Advisor candidates.